There was a time when the world just couldn't have enough website developers. Everyone wanted a website, not everyone was sure why but if the competition had one, you couldn't risk falling behind. At that time companies were paying huge amounts of money for sites that did little more than display the company contact details and a few photographs.

Things have definitely changed for the better since then. There are certain criteria that all good web development companies should be able to attain. We work hard to make sure that all of the websites we deliver meet the following standards.

We have the capabilities to deliver a whole range of sites for different purposes. Below is a list of the kind of sites we have previously worked on. There are some rough ideas of cost, but we will provide an accurate quote after discussing the size of the project with you. We're are also flexible with monthly payment options, rather than paying up front for the initial development. All websites include registration of a new domain name and email forwarding.

Brochure Websites
A simple website to advertise your company and products without spending time away from your real business learning to do it yourself.
Initial Development: £500   Monthly hosting cost: £30
Content Managed Websites
If you need to regularly update the content of your website quickly and easily and dont want to pay a developer to do it for you. A content management solution is the right choice.
Initial Development: £1250   Monthly hosting cost: £45
Ecommerce Websites
Sell your products and take card transactions online, we can take away the security worries and setup headaches.
Initial Development: £1500   Monthly hosting cost: £50
Custom Web Applications
Intranets, extranets and bespoke applications for larger organisations. All manor and size of of projects undertaken, from simple web apps to replace old spreadsheets and databases to monitoring of complex business processes.
Development costs vary depending on size of project.