The use of social media continues to grow every year, people are sharing their lives in a way that was never possible before. Amongst the endless chit chat and people telling us what they did last night, there are also useful interactions taking place. “I'm looking for a new X, can anyone recommend where I might get one” or “I bought Y from this website and its fantastic”. Thanks to the sharing of experiences though the likes of Facebook and Twitter customers have far more information available to them than they had before. As a business that means 2 things. If you treat your customers well, supply good quality services, then they are likely to recommend you to their friends. Conversely though, if they have a poor experience, bad word of mouth travels very quickly. People aren't just telling 1-2 friends, they are announcing it to potentially hundreds.

For a startup company with a very small marketing budget, social media is a cheap and powerful starting point to advertising your business. To use an example, if you were starting out a new business as a plumber, you would want of all of your family and friends to know what you were doing, so they wouldn't turn to someone else for that work. Even if they don't need a plumber themselves, if they hear of someone talking about it they might pass on your name.

For many people starting out in a new businesses, their first customers are friends, ex work colleagues of perhaps people they knew from school or college. Social media marketing can help enormously with that.

Our social marketing services guide you through how best to use social media in your particular market place. How to make contact with other experts in your field and the benefits of just "going out" and talking to people. Just as with your main website, it is important to keep the content of your social media sites current to keep people talking about your business. We can assist with the creation of articles which help fuel debate and interest in your services and make sure these are seen by the largest possible audience.